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Non Woven Cooler bag

Non Woven Cooler bags product series's Specifications/Features
  • Materials: Non woven fabric with lamination + 3MM foam with aluminium foil
  • Size: customize size
  • Handle: PP webbing or per request
  • with zipper closure
  • Printing: According to customer's requirements
  • Artwork: Buyer's printed and logo acceptable.The designs and artwork services are for your selection.
  • Packing details: per client request
  • Minimum Order: 2,000 Pieces
  • OEM / ODM orders are welcome

The main charm of folding cooler bags is its light weight, which can be folded into compact size when not in use, and can be used in many cases. Especially in sports events and other activities, compared with thermos bottles, thermos bags are lighter and easier to carry.

We also recommend the use of folding cooler bags in vehicles. Because if you want to stay in the supermarket or fresh market, don't worry. As long as you have a folding cooler bag, you don't have to worry about the melting or deterioration of food, whether you buy seafood, fresh meat or frozen food.

Next, let's take a look at how to choose a folding cooler bag. Since the selected equipment will vary according to the purpose, read the following articles carefully to obtain the most suitable product.

How to choose folding cooler bags?

Select type according to application

First, let's take a look at the advantages of folding cooler bags for daily use outdoors.

1. Basket or square, suitable for outdoor use

In addition to outdoor activities such as camping or barbecue, the folding cooler bag is also used for other activities such as picnic or field. Nowadays, portable, square or basket shaped folding cooler bags are becoming more and more popular. Whether it is a food box or a beverage box, it can be easily put in and taken out. It is also lightweight.

In addition, since most products have strong handles, folding cooler bags can move safely. If you want to put ice directly, we also recommend checking the waterproof of the bag.

2. The shape of the handbag is convenient for shopping

If used in daily life, such as shopping in shopping malls or supermarkets. We suggest you choose a handbag that doesn't look cool.

With this kind of handbag, even if you walk into the store, it will not appear clumsy, and can also be used instead of environmental protection bags. In addition, if you want to put your luggage bag in the car, the shape of the handbag is also convenient. Today, online stores are selling insulated bags the size of supermarket shopping baskets. The advantage of this thermal insulation bag is that it can carry things faster and easier when shopping.

3. "Breast milk folding cooler bag" with strap, easy to carry

In addition to basket or square bags and handbags, most people also use a type of breast milk folding cooler bag.

The main highlight of this folding cooler bag is its size and many compartments. And because the bag has a compartment for the breast pump, it looks lovely. It can be used in many cases.

However, because most breast milk folding cooler bags are not very large. If compared with other types, it may be smaller, so it is not suitable for outdoor activities with a large number of people.

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