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Non Woven bags

Non Woven bag (Laminated Non Woven Bag) product series's Specifications/Features
  • Materials: printed OPP film laminated with PP non-woven fabric, Normal weight is 60gsm -120 gram fabric with 20gsm - 40 gram lamination;weight per request.
  • Size: customize size
  • Handle: non woven belt or webbing belt or per request
  • Printing: CMYK or PANTONE color printing,according to customer's requirements
  • Artwork: Buyer's printed and logo acceptable.The designs and artwork services are for your selection.
  • With customer's design for promotion, Shopping, Groceries Store, Retail, Gift bag, Advertisement or Supermarket purpose
  • Packing details: per client request
  • Minimum Order: 2,000 Pieces
  • OEM orders are welcome


  Plastic bags are everywhere in our lives. However, everyone knows the harm of plastic bags. Now many countries restrict the use of plastic bags, and the use of non-woven bags is gradually increasing. Next I will introduce non-woven bags.

What is a Non-Woven Bag?

Non-woven bag is a green product. It is mostly made of polypropylene non-woven material, which has air permeability, heat preservation, waterproof and stretchability.
    Compared with woven cloth, non-woven bags have high productivity, fast production speed and low price. If the material is placed outdoors and decomposed naturally, its longest lifespan is only 90 days.
    In the production process, if you add color masterbatches of various colors, you can produce various non-woven bags with rich and bright colors.

The Advantages of Non Woven Bags

  Printing advantage
  The production technology of non-woven bags has gradually matured. From the single color in the past to the current variety of colors, it has met the requirements of the packaging industry. Now non-woven bags are colorful and lifelike in printing, from simple screen printing to lamination color printing, it is easy to show the bright theme of various products.
    Price advantage
    After rapid development in recent years, the non-woven bag industry chain has been very perfect. The production cost and material loss rate of each process are low, so the price of non-woven shopping bags also greatly enhances the competitiveness of the product.
    publicity advantage
    The non-woven eco-friendly bag can be recycled many times. Its wear resistance and waterproof performance are stronger than paper bags. A beautiful non-woven shopping bag, printed with your company's logo or advertisement, can be transformed into a fashionable and simple shoulder bag, and its advertising effect is self-evident.
    Environmental advantages
    The non-woven bag can be used repeatedly and is easy to decompose. Its easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and greatly reduce the use of plastic bags. The raw material of paper bags is wood, and a large number of paper bags are bound to waste a lot of the country's forest resources, which is contrary to the national policy of afforestation. Therefore, non-woven bags made of non-woven fabrics are also known as the most economical and environmentally friendly shopping bags.

In the End

Our non-woven bags have novel designs and various styles, which can be customized according to customer requirements, fully satisfying the mentality of young people who are chasing fashion elements.
  Our non-woven bags are practical and versatile. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions, and is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions.
  If you are interested in our products, please contact us.
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